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Voice over

  • Professionally trained actress

  • Three years of experience, including animations, narration, audiodramas and classical theatre

  • Professional homestudio available

  • Multilingual


  • Editing on demand

  • 48 hour turnaround

  • 3 revisions included

  • Files will be delivered in the format of your choice

Translations And Proofreading

  • Experienced writer and translator

  • Two years experience in text analysis and proofreading

  • Available languages: English, German and Japanese

Additional Skills

  • Accents: American, British, Eastern European, French, German 

  • ADR, Dubbing

  • Creature voices

  • Child voices

  • Fighting game effects

  • Lip synching

  • Screaming

  • Singing

Let's Chat

You'd like to work together? Perfect! I am happy to discuss your ideas and expectations for your upcoming projects, and answer all the questions you might have! 

About me

Hello there, wanderer!

Are you looking for an anomalous, colourful voice for your project, bringing a character or scene alive from the page with vibrancy and authenticity? You have come to the right place!

My name is Heike, and I am a multilingual voice actress and writer based in Austria and the UK, specialising in character and monster voices. I studied stage, film and voice acting in Austria and California, and have done additional, more in depth training in the UK.

My experience ranges from narration over audio dramas and podcasts up to animations and a little dabble into video games.


Let’s create an unforgettable adventure together, and bring your story to life.


Hilmar Loftson, Artist, Animator

Heike is an amazing actress whom I had the privilege of working with on an animated project (RACCOON KID) where she voiced one of the main characters.

In this business it can be hard to find the perfect actor who can fully embody a character and bring them to life but Heike did so perfectly. Any direction I gave her she used to deliver a performance that was far beyond anything I could asked for. She took a figment of my imagination and breathed life into it in a way that far exceeded my expectations. Her performance managed to stand as the emotional core of my animated short that I so needed it to be. And she managed to give this performance from a completely different continent since we were unable to work on this together in person due to COVID. She made it so easy for me to complete the short and was always so eager to discuss her character, their motivation and how to best embody them.

I am proud to have worked with Heike on RACCOON KID and can't wait to tell stories with her again in the future.


Toni Trauner, Illustrator

Bernhard Weber, Director, Producer

Heike is not only a phenomenal voice actress, but also a person every director can be grateful to work with. Professional, uncomplicated, motivated, always in a good mood.

With the greatest of ease she is able to fulfil the director´s visions and directions, but also brings in her own ideas. 

We had a great time in the recording studio together and I can highly recommend her work.

Thank you for everything, Heike. I am looking forward to another collaboration one day.


I had the pleasure of working with Heike on a few projects. Every single time, she was very professional and a delight to be around.
She has an unique voice and takes directions well. The fact that she is a full fledged nerd, was a huge asset to our communication and her understanding of what we wanted to achieve. I'm looking forward to more projects together and can highly recommend working with her.

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Thanks for submitting!

Let's get together, have some ale and chat about your ideas!

You can contact me by either filling out this little form right here, or cast a sending spell to the following address:

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